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Repairing a leaky roof is a major hassle that requires immediate attention. Blockages and breaks cause roof issues. If there are numerous trees near the home, branches or limbs might break. Meanwhile, poor roof cleaning might lead to blockages. 


Want a Healthy Roof? Follow These Tips…






Minor issues, if handled promptly, can avoid more significant problems that require a new roof. The roof should be examined, cleaned, and maintained to prevent future problems.


Professional Roofers Can Do Much More

A professional Philadelphia roofer is more prepared and more qualified to handle such duties than a layperson.


Before you know it, winter will be here and the weather will cool and the days will get shorter. Winter presents many challenges, including roofing issues. During the winter, roof problems such as ice dams, moisture, and property damage can occur. This may be avoided if you take care of your roof correctly in the fall, which is almost upon us.


Roof Prevention in the Fall

Just because it’s almost fall doesn’t mean these problems go away. Don’t despair if you haven’t completed all necessary roof repairs and maintenance before winter. You must promptly address these issues.


Simple roof repair and maintenance suggestions can help you get through the winter months.


Autumn Roof Care

Inspections for damage or degradation should be done in the fall. Winter requires extra caution and forethought. After a snowfall or windstorm:


  1. Look for icicles and ice dams.
  2. Check for debris, ice, snow, dead leaves in your fascia, and downspouts.
  3. Remove extra snow from the roof using a rake.


Repair of Chimney Flashing

There is a chance that the chimney flashing is leaking if you detect any leakage or droppings inside your home. This might harm the roof and chimney. Have your chimney and flashing examined in the autumn. If your roofer does not provide chimney repair, hire one. The glue used in the repair may freeze in cold weather if you plan to perform it yourself.


General Roofing Repair Tips

It is possible to repair or replace shingles that have metal fasteners or are fastened down at any time of year. However, you must be extremely careful not to crack or destroy the roofing materials. Your roofer can fix these problems if they understand their qualities and how to repair them. Do not climb on the roof if you have no idea what you’re doing. Let your roof repair contractor fix it. 


Gutter Cleaning

Gutters help to keep your roof dry and clear throughout the winter months. Routinely inspect, clean and repair gutters that are damaged. Guard your fascia board and walls against water damage by maintaining gutters. Roof water cannot be adequately removed if your gutters are clogged. Furthermore, debris surrounding your property might undermine the foundation and cause difficulties. Repairing or replacing broken gutters in the winter is possible, provided they are clean and dry. Keep your drains clean to safeguard your roof and keep your house’s drainage system working well.


Roofing Repair

Any season may be used to replace a metal or wood shingle roof. The spring is the best time to repair a flat rubber roof. This is because flat roof adhesives are temperature sensitive and might freeze and fail in the winter. Take the advice of your Philadelphia roof repair service. Serious roofing issues require quick attention.


Don’t Take Chances With Your Roof!

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