Top Tier Roofing has made it easier than ever to get the roof replacement you need completed to keep your home warm and dry. We have now partnered with Enhancify to offer our customers flexible financing options for their roof replacement service. From beginning to end, Top Tier Roofing can assist you by offering a free roof replacement quote, walking you through the financing process and finaling completing masterful quality roof replacement at your home.

In just a few steps you can see what type of financing options are available for you through Enhancify. Just as you have come to trust Top Tier Roofing for unmatched roofing service in South Philadelphia and the suburbs, you can rely on Top Tier Roofing’s partnership with Enhancify for financing options on your roof replacement or installation. 

Why Would You Consider Financing Your Roofing Project?

There are a number of reasons why one would consider financing their roofing project instead of paying in total at project completion. The first reason is simply for the financial flexibility that comes with being able to spread out a large expense overtime. Having a roof replaced or installed can be a costly undertaking, even with the cash in hand, it may be preferred to split up payment over several months. Depending on the roofing financing in Philadelphia which you qualify for, there may be no-interest options available. A no interest financing option for your roof allows additional time to pay for your roof installation without having to pay additional interest.

Another reason why homeowners in South Philadelphia and Delaware County may consider having their roof installation financed is that roof replacements can be a large unexpected expense. A recent study found 57% of Americans do not have $1,000 in case of an emergency. In many cases, a roof replacement is something which needs to be completed in an emergency. For those homeowners who may not be able to pay for a replacement in a lump sum, a roofing financing option in Philadelphia allows for them to spread out the cost over time.

What Is the Interest Rate for Roof Financing?

The interest rate for financing a roof project in Philadelphia varies depending on a number of factors. Just like any potential loan, the financial institution will examine the credit history of the homeowner who is applying for the roofing financing. Based on their determination of risk profile, credit history and loan duration, a determination of the interest rate is made by your selected financial institution. Top Tier Roofing does not have the ability to alter loan terms or interest rates for its customers. All financial determinations for roof financing are made by the financial institution you select through Enhancify.

Who is Providing the Roofing Financing Loan?

The loan is being provided by a financial institution which you select through our partner Enhancify. There are a number of roofing financing options available, all options may not be available to all customers.

Why Did We Partner With Enhancify?

  • Loans up to $200,000
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Comparing your options won’t affect your credit score
  • All types of credit histories are accepted
  • Equity in your home is not required for a personal loan


Top Tier Roofing has chosen to partner with Enhancify because it gives our customers the greatest flexibility for selecting their financing option. When our customers look for roof financing, they can easily compare different financial institutions without affecting their credit score. Simply put, Enhancify makes it easy for our customers to get the financing they need for their roof!

Whether you are deciding to finance your roof replacement, or make a payment in full for the project, you can always trust Top Tier Roofing to provide you with outstanding customer service and unmatched craftsmanship. Cash, check, credit and financing, Top Tier Roofing makes it easy and convenient to pay for your roof service.