Some people would be surprised to know how important cleaning their gutters are in relation to the health and stability of their roof. This unpleasant task can help homeowners save a lot of money on a roof repair in Philadelphia. Even though nobody likes cleaning gutters, they play an important role in your home’s system. By controlling the flow of rain from the roofline, they protect your home from potential water damage.

Let the professionals at Top Tier Roofing ensure your gutters remain in good condition by replacing gutters in disrepair or by installing gutter guards to protect gutters from debris and minimize maintenance. Read on to learn why this task is so important and how we can help.

Why Clean Gutters Matter

It is recommended that you perform this task at least twice a year. Even if you don’t have to clean them, it’s still recommended to go up there and properly inspect your gutters for build-up.

This is perhaps the homeowner’s least favorite task, as it cuts into their weekend relaxation. As a result, we have come across many clients who put it off to the very last minute – which we do not recommend for the following reasons.

Prevents Foundational Damage

Gutters are a simple, yet ingenious design. After collecting rainwater, clean gutters travel and distribute it away from the property. As simple as this may sound, it protects your home’s foundation. Gutters that experience buildup does the exact opposite. They allow water to accumulate on the roof, which can lead to significant damage. Over time, this can cause a lot of harm to your property. Water can:

Keeps Your Roof Safe

Your roof is an expensive investment. Never take it for granted. By neglecting your gutters, you put your roof in jeopardy, and you may not be able to resolve the problem on your own. You will have to contact a roofing contractor in Philadelphia, like Top Tier Roofing. Before it gets to that stage, ensure your gutters do not collect enough debris to get backed up, resulting in poor drainage. When gutters do not drain correctly, it can lead to water accumulation on the roof, which can damage your shingles. If you do not inspect your gutters frequently, you won’t realize that a clog has developed, and that water is traveling where it shouldn’t. Once the water reaches your insulation, it can get inside your home.

If you thought cleaning your gutters was a headache, you won’t enjoy fixing a leaky roof.

Algae And Moss Won’t Develop

As most know, algae and moss grow in damp environments. When you don’t routinely clean your gutters, debris and water will build up, creating a perfect environment for algae and moss to thrive. How does this impact your roof? First, algae and moss are an unsightly menace, and if the appearance of your home matters to you, this will become a huge sore spot. More importantly, they can affect your roof in different but equally destructive ways.

First, algae can reduce the roof’s ability to reflect sunlight, resulting in higher heating and AC bills (if you have a reflective roofing system). Moss can damage shingles, causing them to lift and curl. When this happens, water can easily enter underneath the shingles, which leads to:

Spot The Warning Signs

Even if you have neglected to clean your gutters for a long time, it may not be too late to impede damages. The first thing you should do is check your gutters and downspout. Next, contact Top Tier Roofing to install gutter guards. These will:

Contact Top Tier Roofing

Our installation of gutter guards can simplify your roof maintenance. Our contractors will inspect your roofing system and choose the right gutter guard for your property. You can always count on us to provide affordable and reliable roofing solutions. For roof repair in Philadelphia, contact Top Tier Roofing. Call (267) 485-6257 for a free estimate.