If you are experiencing a consistent rise in the cost of heating your home during the winter, several factors could be contributing to the issue. These factors can include loose windows and doors as well as issues with your basement’s insulation. Another one of the most common causes of rising costs is an outdated roof that is past its prime and in need of replacement.

Our Top Tier Roofing contractor team has worked hard to build a reputation as the experts that Philadelphia property owners rely on for all of their residential and commercial roofing needs. We want to tell you more about how having a new roof installed can help you to lower the annual cost of heating your home.

Outdated Shingles Could Be Causing You Additional Heating Expenses

If the shingles that are currently on your roof are old and outdated, they could be causing you to experience heightened energy costs associated with home heating. Outdated shingles are not as effective at helping to prevent energy loss as today’s modern options are.

Replacing outdated shingles can help you to enjoy greatly improved heat flow resistance and insulation. The use of polymerization also allows modern shingles to offer you better dimensional stability. These factors can make a noticeable difference in boosting the efficiency of your home heating efforts.

Replacing Your Roof Offers the Opportunity to Address Insulation Issues

Replacing your home’s roof is the perfect time to address key insulation issues that could be leading to heightened costs in the area of heating. Your attic’s insulation is one of the key factors associated with keeping the heat in your home during the cold winter months. A reroofing project is the perfect time to address this area and determine whether or not your attic insulation needs to be upgraded.

Now Is the Perfect Time to Replace That Outdated Roof

An outdated roof can lead to many issues when it comes to the topic of energy efficiency. Our Philadelphia roofing contractor team here at Top Tier Roofing is ready to get to work installing a new roof that will improve your home’s energy efficiency all year long

Contact your local Top Tier Roofing Contractor today to find out more about how we can help you to enjoy lowered heating expenses this winter by replacing your outdated roof with a modern, energy-efficient one. As the leading Philadelphia roofing contractor, we take pride in our reputation as the go-to service provider that the region’s property owners turn to for residential and commercial roof maintenance and installation.

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