When you decide to replace your existing roof or install a new one for your new home, you will find plenty of options in the market. Many homeowners can easily get confused regarding which type of roof they should get for their homes. 

Hence, we have come up with the benefits of different roof types and some important considerations to help you decide which one suits your needs best. 

Of course, for the best advice, you should always consult an expert roofing contractor in Philadelphia like Top Tier Roofing. 

Benefits of Different Roof Types 

Here are some different roof types and their benefits. 

Asphalt shingles are incredibly pocket-friendly, offer good protection, and are available in various styles color options. Due to these reasons, asphalt shingle roofs are the most popular roof type in the US. 

They typically have a fiberglass base, and the shingles are coated with asphalt and covered in colored mineral granules for protection against the elements. Depending on the environment and frequency of maintenance, these shingle roofs in Philadelphia typically last up to 25 years. 

Slate is often known as the Rolls-Royce of roofing materials, and rightfully so. It offers timeless elegance and can easily outlast any roof with a lifespan of anywhere between 75 and 200 or more years. This roof material is quarried because it is made from natural rock, making it quite heavy. 

You’ll need a good roofing contractor capable of constructing the strong underlying support needed for these heavy slate tile roofs in Philadelphia. While this may make it more difficult to install, slate offers good weather and fire resistance. 

For the longest time, metal roofs were only used for commercial or industrial roofing. However, things have changed, and metal roofs are now highly desired for residential roofing because of their incredible benefits. 

Proper installation by a good roofing contractor in Philadelphia can allow metal roofs to last for up to 50 years easily. They require minimal maintenance and are incredibly resistant to moisture, weather, and fire. Moreover, they can easily be recycled and offer great insulation and heat reflection. 

Commonly available as steel shingle roofs, there are also many other metal options, including various aluminum, zinc, copper, and galvanized steel profiles. They are relatively easy to install because they are lightweight, and some metals even develop a beautiful patina over time. 

Tile roofs in Philadelphia offer incredible value for money as they are durable, eco-friendly, and can last up to 100 years. They also provide great fire and weather resistance, insulation, and energy efficiency in your home, which can help bring your bills down. 

Made from clay or concrete, tile roofs in Philadelphia are available in different patterns and color options. 

Wood shingle roofs in Philadelphia are slowly losing favor. Still, many people love their uniqueness, natural look, and timeless rustic appeal. Old homes that want to maintain originality often replace their existing wood roofs with modern ones that offer superior features. 

Modern treated wood roofs now offer better pest protection and moisture resistance. Of course, wood has always been great for insulation, and it is an environment-friendly roofing option. 

Important Considerations 

When deciding on the type of roof, you should consider your budget and the following things. 

These important considerations will help give you a good idea of which roof types are better suited for your home. 


By now, you probably have a good sense of the benefits of different roof types. The mentioned options are some of the most desirable and popular ones for homes in Philadelphia. Take the important considerations and your budget into account, so you can decide which roof type is the best choice for your home. 

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