Seeing water drip from your roof is probably one of the most horrifying nightmares for any homeowner. Imagine how the terror multiplies when you know there’s rainy, snowfall, or thunder season right around the corner.

You don’t want to delay addressing a leaking roof because, trust us, regardless of how insignificant it might seem, roof leaks can turn into a critical hassle at the most inconvenient times.

But how can you tell if your leaking roof needs a complete replacement or will the repairs be enough to save your property? Below we offer a guide to help you solve your roofing queries.

Immediate Steps for a Leaking Roof

Be it midnight or midday, as soon as you see the telltale signs of damp spots over your ceiling or feel waterdrops falling from the roof, you must take immediate action.

First, you need to prevent the water from wetting your flooring and damaging your carpets. You can place a bucket or a can under the leaking roof and roll out the carpets from that area. Next, you need to check for the middle of the bulge from where the water is leaking. Then, you must use a sharp tool or a screwdriver and press onto the bulge to make a hole from the center.

You might think that you’re causing further damage to the roofing. But the gap helps relieve pressure from your roof- because water puddling in one place can be pretty heavy, and all of that weight can result in your ceiling collapsing. Now, you can either fix the leaking roof by yourself or contact a 24/7 roofing service to inspect the roof damage and treat the problem immediately.

Signs You Need Shingles Replacement

Your dripping roof may often not require entire replacement. Regular maintenance and shingles replacement are enough to wash away your concerns. Some of the symptoms that show that your roof only needs a shingles change and not the entire roofing are:

Signs You Need Roof Replacement

As you ask yourself, “when to replace my leaking roof?” here are the most alarming symptoms according to the experienced staff of roof replacement, Philadelphia:

Installation defects

If you think your roof wasn’t installed properly and resulted in water leaking inside, it’s a red flag that you must most certainly change the roofing right away. Water stains and occasional leaks can escalate quicker than you can imagine.

Disaster Damage

Sometimes, even though you recently installed your roofing, disasters can strike. Hurricanes, tsunamis, thunderstorms, snowstorms, or even fires can cause the foundations to weaken. So, it’s better and safer to opt for a complete roof replacement.

Old Age

Mostly, roofs leak because of their old age. If your roofing is more than ten to fifteen years old, it’s high time to replace it to ensure the safety of all the inhabitants.

Extreme Water Damage

You may not realize, but as shingles start cracking, they create minor gaps where the water starts accumulating. Stagnant water residing in such holes for an extended time means adds to the pressure on the roof. This can signal intense water damage that can be dangerous if not addressed and treated immediately.

Professional Roofing Repairs And Roof Replacement, Philadelphia

It’s alright to be confused about whether you need repairs or a new roof altogether. In case of queries about your roofing, Philadelphia offers an easy fix! You can contact Top Tier Roofing and allow us to inspect your leaky roofs to provide you with the most optimal solutions.

Our experienced techs provide gutters and roof repairs and replacement. We survey your roofing to promise the best care at the most affordable charges. After a thorough inspection, we recommend if you need to spend more today to fix the roof or will wallet-friendly repairs be ideal for the comfort of your loved ones and yourself.

Click on our website to apply for free estimates or call (267) 485-6583 to book your appointment. You can also submit your questions and messages through our online contact form. Our representatives work around the clock to ensure prompt actions to cater to roofing emergencies in Philadelphia.

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