It’s normal to feel confused when you hear “complete roof repair.” However, the phrase quite literally means what it states, i.e., in-depth roof inspection and replacement. It starts with the roofing experts assessing your roof’s durability and deciding whether existing shingles need to be replaced. 

There are several reasons for getting a complete roof repair, Philadelphia. If you’re still confused about the procedure works, we’re here to guide you through it. Continue below to discover the essential information about comprehensive roof repairs- also understood as complete roof replacement. Stay with us till the end to learn vital indicators of needing new roofs. Philadelphia roofing experts have got your back!  

What Is Complete Roof Repair?  

Complete roof repairs mean eradicating every problem your roof may face, from broken shingles to leaking holes. And that’s why it typically results in the roofing techs tearing everything away from your roof and applying new shingles. Complete roof replacements are optimal solutions for when you can’t opt for re-roofing. Although the task can dent your bank balances, complete roof repairs are crucial for your property.  

In addition, if your roof contractor advises you for one, they understand that your present roof isn’t durable enough or might have gaps that can result in higher repair costs. On the other hand, if you decide on roof replacements, they’re one-time investments that solve several problems and make your house safer for the inhabitants.  

Benefits Of Comprehensive Roof Repair Or Replacement  

Energy Efficiency  

You may not realize it until it’s too late, but roofs can have gaps that can increase in size from constant leaks and disaster damages. In addition, even smaller holes can result in hot or cool air going outside. That’s probably why your interior can feel stuffy even though your HVAC blasts cool air 24/7. Complete roof replacement means better insulation due to the absence of gaps, hence, reducing energy wastage and lowering bills.  

Stronger Structure  

New roofs also mean lesser property damage due to rain, hurricane, high winds, and thunderstorms. The roofing is stronger and offers durability to your structure. That results in better security for the loved ones due to lower chances of roof destructions and leaks that may cause mold and weakening of the ceiling.  

Mold Prevention  

Connecting to the point above, you’d be surprised to know that one of the common reasons for mold infestation inside your property can be due to damaged roofing. Be it water puddling inside due to broken shingles or the moisture and humidity invading due to frequent leaks. These situations can quickly promote mold development that can be hazardous for your health- and even that of your pets!  

You can proceed with mold removal. However, damaged roofs will continue the fungal development again after some time. Therefore, installing a new roof can remove the recurring factor at once. After that, you need to make sure the roof remains damaged and leak-free for as long as possible.   

Roof Repair Vs. Roof Replacement   

The best way to decide if your roof needs repairs or complete replacement is by evaluating certain factors. Firstly, if your roof is more than a decade old and, throughout its life, went through severe water and disaster damage, new roofs are worthy alternatives. In addition, you might see structural destruction like rusted, broken, and cracked shingles. Soggy roofs with massive gaps are also acute symptoms that you should look out for. All these factors indicate the need for complete roof replacement.  

However, suppose you see the tell-tale signs of fairly recent mold infestation or aesthetic damages like algae growth on the roofing and occasional wet patches on the ceiling. In that case, roof repairs can work perfectly fine, considering roofing experts deem the roofing salvageable. Moreover, if you see smaller areas of your roof affected due to any possible damage, it can be easily fixed through professional repair. 

New Roofs, Philadelphia, Are One Click Away!

Roof replacement or repairs aren’t complicated procedures. However, you must get well-experienced contractors to deal with roofing problems to avoid complexities. And if you’re searching for experts in roof replacement or roof repair, Philadelphia offers a quick solution.  

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