Though a new roof can cost a lot of money, you should not expect the roof to last forever. Shingle roofs and flat roofs can often last for 10 to 15 years or more. If you invest in a metal or tile roof, you may find that it lasts for 20 years or more. However, there will come a point where it makes more sense to replace the roof than to pay a roofer to repair it. At Top Tier Roofing, we can help you decide when to replace yours. We are the leading roofing company Philadelphia residents turn to for help.


Philadelphia Roofing Problems

Shingle roofs Philadelphia homes often show damage caused by the long and harsh winters. The city’s cold weather causes a freeze and thaw cycle where snow freezes onto your roof and then melts. When the temperature drops again, the water freezes in a new spot. Not only can the ice put so much weight on your gutters that they fall off, but it can also pull down shingles and damage other parts of your roof. Roofing Philadelphia professionals also see damage caused by wild animals like squirrels that live on roofs. You may even have a few leaks pop up because of those small animals.


Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof

Before you call us or take a look at some of the shingle roofs Philadelphia services we offer, look for signs that you need to replace your roof. Curling or cupped shingles are one of those signs. Shingles should sit flat on your roof, but weather can cause them to curl up or form a cup shape that exposes the underlayment. Bald spots where you can see through the shingles are another warning sign. Other signs that you should stop making repairs and get a new roof include large amounts of moss growing across your home and dark streaks across the surface.


The Best Time of the Year

The best time of the year to replace your roof is in the fall because it is when there are fewer changing weather conditions. It’s hard to replace a roof in winter because of the ice and snow that falls in Philadelphia. Summer is another good season though the heat can present its own set of challenges such as melting materials in excessive temperatures. Fall brings nice temperatures to Philadelphia that keep our crew comfortable. The season also has mild weather with less rain than you see in spring and summer. If you plan on working with our roofing Philadelphia company, we recommend that you call a few months before you plan to replace your roof.


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Why spend more time worrying about whether you need a new roof when you can call us and book an appointment? We’ll let you know if your roof can handle a few more repairs or if it’s time to replace it. Get the new roof you need when you contact us and speak to a leading roofing company Philadelphia residents trust.