Your roof can be exposed to some harsh conditions and can result in some serious damage. You can do your best to prepare for it, but sometimes it may be too much. In this article, we’ll lay out some ways that you can help protect your flat roof from heavy rain in Philadelphia. Heavy rain can pool up and cause leaks in your roof that drip into your home. Sometimes a storm may come through that just won’t be stopped. Our goal is to make sure you are putting yourself in the best possible position from the start. If you do have leaks or damage to your roof, then you can trust Top Tier Roofing to do the job right. In the meantime, here’s some things to do on your own that may help to get you ready before a big storm comes through.

Check for Debris

Making sure your roof is free and clear of debris can be the first step you take in putting yourself in a better position before a heavy rainstorm. Flat roofs can collect debris and unlike a pitched roof, that debris may just sit there until you’re able to get up there and remove it. That debris can block drains and cause water to pool and sit on your roof. You should also keep an eye on your drainage system and regularly check it. Make sure everything is connected and stable and that no debris has become stuck in there.

Regularly Inspect Sealant 

Going along with the theme of regular maintenance, making sure all cracks and gaps are sealed can go a long way in ensuring your roof is ready for heavy rainfall. Also check around any vents, chimneys, or other obstructions and reseal is necessary. Applying sealant should occur when the roof is free and clear of debris so this would be a good thing to do after you clear off your roof. Otherwise, debris build up can result in damage which causes the need for costly roof repair, which homeowners would like to avoid.

Quality Materials

Making sure you’re using good materials can make a massive difference when it comes to prepping for heavy rainfall. Rubber membrane is commonly used to cover shingles on a flat roof nowadays and is a good way to seal up any cracks or access points for water and leaks. Making sure you use a company that knows that they’re doing is also vital. If you hire someone who uses shoddy craftsmanship or bad materials, you may be stuck paying for repairs and damages much earlier than you were expecting.

Heavy storms are inevitable. You can’t beat Mother Nature but you can prepare as best you can. If you take care of your roof, regularly maintain and check for damage and debris, and hire the right company that uses good materials you’re setting yourself up for a better outcome already. You may do all of these things and run into a storm that just brings too much for your roof to handle. It’s inevitable, but that’s when you need to have a roofing company that you can trust. Top Tier Roofing goes above and beyond to make sure that we’re putting you in the best possible position to deal with heavy storms for as long as possible. If a storm does come through that’s just too strong, we’re a phone call away to help and make sure we get you as good as new.