Choosing to have a roof replacement completed is not a light decision to make. Many residents who we speak to are nervous about the costs involved with deciding to have their roof repaired or replaced. It seems obvious that in case that a roof can be repaired, rather than replaced, a repair should be completed. However, there are cost factors which should be considered when deciding whether to replace or repair your roof. In some cases, having a roof replacement completed instead of a repair, can provide savings in the long-term.

The first important aspect to consider are the costs associated with having a new roof installed. The price of a new roof can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. The most important factors to roof pricing are outlined below.

For many roofing companies who may provide you with a quote for replacement, the price variables may remain relatively the same. However, it is important to consider that not all roofing companies in Philadelphia are exactly the same. If you are deciding to have your roof replaced, make sure you receive more than one quote during the process. Receiving just one quote could result in you paying much more than expected. 

In general, roof replacements are a relatively costly undertaking for homeowners. The reason being that these are also costly undertakings for the company completing the roof installation. A reputable roofing company must have insurance, pay knowledgeable employees a proper wage, purchase materials which have become even more costly in a post-COVID world and pay all of the other expenses required to keep a business running. All of these aspects of roof replacement affect the cost of each individual company, which is why it is crucial to get multiple quotes should you choose to have your roof replaced.

When Does it Save to Replace Your Roof?

As outlined above, in most cases a repair is a roof service which is a much lower cost than the replacement of the same roof. However, in some circumstances homeowners must weigh the long term costs of having a roof replaced with having the roof simply repaired. For example, if you are a homeowners with a flat roof which is over 15 years old and you begin to have a leak, the long term cost of repair may not make sense.

If you were to repair a roof of this age, not only are you going to be paying for the roof repair service and any leak repairs which were created by the issue to begin with, but then a prospective homeowner would still be looking at a costly roof replacement in the near future. This would result in a homeowner paying to address a leak with a roof repair and then within just a short period of time, could have to pay for an entirely new roof. 

By replacing an aging roof right at the moment it is in need of repair, you can avoid having to pay for repairs over and over again, when a replacement is called for based on the age of the roof anyway. When having your roof assessed, be sure to get a second opinion. Not only will this practice assist you in avoiding paying more than expected for roof replacement, but could also lead to uncovering additional options to proceed with that you did not know you had previously. If you are considering replacing your roof, but would like to further discuss costs, feel free to call or contact Top Tier Roofing. We would be happy to discuss with you the specifics of your roofing project!