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A Bad Roof Can Break a Home Sale

By:   Top Tier Roofing

When buying a property, a roof is a frequent issue that many people confront. Buyers may locate the ideal property for their family only to realize that the roof needs replacement. It might be financially challenging to purchase a property that requires a new roof because the typical cost of roof replacement is more significant. […]

Five Roof Maintenance Tips you can Leverage during Springtime

By:   Top Tier Roofing

Spring has sprung, and with it comes warmer temperatures, budding flowers, and longer days. All of these great things can be enjoyed while also keeping your roof in shape with these springtime tips to keep your roof looking great all year long. A professionally-installed roof will generally last 20-25 years, but you can actually help […]

What Is A Comprehensive Roof Repair?

By:   Top Tier Roofing

It’s normal to feel confused when you hear “complete roof repair.” However, the phrase quite literally means what it states, i.e., in-depth roof inspection and replacement. It starts with the roofing experts assessing your roof’s durability and deciding whether existing shingles need to be replaced.  There are several reasons for getting a complete roof repair, Philadelphia. […]

My Roof Is Leaking, Do I Have to Replace It?

By:   Top Tier Roofing

Seeing water drip from your roof is probably one of the most horrifying nightmares for any homeowner. Imagine how the terror multiplies when you know there’s rainy, snowfall, or thunder season right around the corner. You don’t want to delay addressing a leaking roof because, trust us, regardless of how insignificant it might seem, roof […]

a house with roof shingles

Benefits of Different Roof Types

By:   Top Tier Roofing

When you decide to replace your existing roof or install a new one for your new home, you will find plenty of options in the market. Many homeowners can easily get confused regarding which type of roof they should get for their homes.  Hence, we have come up with the benefits of different roof types […]

What Snow Does to Different Roofs

By:   Top Tier Roofing

The Winter season is the hardest of all, especially on the roofs. It impacts the durability of the roof to a great extent. It is highly accurate for winter snow months where you don’t see sunlight for days. Our roofs help protect us and our homes throughout these extreme weather conditions.   Not all houses have […]

Roof Repair Philadelphia, PA | Roof Repair Near Me | Roof Replacement

How to Choose the Right Commercial Roofing Materials

By:   Top Tier Roofing

Are you confused about the types of materials available to use for commercial roofing in Philadelphia? Given the many alternatives on the market, this can be quite a difficult choice to make. It all depends on what your goals are. Here, we highlight a few things to keep in mind when picking the material that […]

Roof Repair Philadelphia, PA | Roof Repair Near Me | Roof Replacement

Roof Repair Costs – What to Expect

By:   Top Tier Roofing

When the time comes to fix your roof, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is what type of repair or replacement is best for your home. When making this choice, your budget and your family’s safety and comfort are among the many things to consider. One of the first factors to […]

brown roofing material

Roof Repair Vs. Roof Replacement

By:   Top Tier Roofing

The house’s roof is one of the most important parts, but one that is always prone to damage. Generally, roofs are built to be long-lasting, but it all depends on the material used in roofing.  But mold and mildew can easily grow on top of your roofing because you don’t clean it daily. But a […]

Roof Repair Philadelphia, PA | Roof Repair Near Me | Roof Replacement

The Things You Can do to Prepare for the Winter and Prevent a Costly Roof Repair in Philadelphia

By:   Top Tier Roofing

Winter is coming, and you want to prepare for the challenges your roof will face from the changing weather conditions. Last year, winter storms caused $1.1 billion in damages, and your roof is the most vulnerable to the elements. You can do some simple things to prepare your roof for the winter and avoid costly […]

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